Our brands

We are very choosy about the companies we use to supply elements of our projects. We require a consistent supply of top quality, well-supported products, which we can integrate in a seamless manner with full confidence that you will be wowed by the result.

In bench tops, we can fit laminates, stainless steel, acrylics, natural stone, engineered stone, and timber.

The following demonstrations and links will give you a feel for how pleasing a well-appointed work space can be, and will also provide some useful resources for planning your space.


The following demonstration covers a broad range of Blum products and design concepts.


The Blum Dynamic Space zone planner is a useful tool for laying out some different kitchen designs.


Laminex is a household name in surfaces. Check out the website for a sample of products and colours, and you may also like to download and install the 3D planner to see how your new space could look.


Borg supplies MDF and surfaces through a number of its divisions: